FarmVille Spring Basket Redeem Prizes Items

By | March 26, 2010

FarmVille Spring Basket Redeem Prizes Items 🙂 have collected spring eggs for your spring basket on farmville ?


if you already have enough then you can redeem some egg with prizes !

What prize item you can get / redeem from spring basket on farmville ?
10 Spring Eggs redeem : Mystery Egg
20 Spring Eggs redeem : Sunny Ewe
30 Spring Eggs redeem : Bunny Gnome
40 Spring Eggs redeem : Guilded Egg
75 Spring Eggs redeem : Flower Fountain
150 Spring Eggs redeem : Dutch Wind Mill

spring basket redeem images :

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  • Araceli

    i did not receive my spring basket, so how can i get it

  • emmett

    i like the 3 egg

  • KaixerEx

    does all of that items can do something in your farm?

    i already know what sunny ewe do…

    i want to know more



  • jessica frenandis

    i didn’t gt my basket form where & how i get it smone plz tel me how to get it N from whr….

    plz mail me……
    my email is

  • Debbie

    I didn’t get the basket either. Anyone know how to get it? I’ve got a lot of eggs and nowhere to put them.

  • Linda

    if you read farmville spring basket then the basket should be in your gift box ? but since this event already begin for a long time maybe you should contact zynga support and report if you didn’t get the basket


    should i get rid of my eggs since there is no more baskets