Farmville Spring Firsts Quests Spring Fun With Kimberly

By | March 29, 2012

Have some spring fun with kimberly ! There’s a new character and she will guide you with farmville spring firsts quests !
it’s kimberly and shes’s all about springtime !
some of the best things about spring are the beautiful crafts and delicious treats, want to help kimberly find some of her favorites ?

Strawberry Fairy Chicken, Butterfly Fairy Gnome, Mystery Dart, Egg Hunt Goat
Firefly Lamp Post, 3 Pack Turbo Charger, Ice Cream Man Gnome, Farmhands, Berry Fountain

too bad the quest item links request not available 🙁

goal 1: spring firsts quest
Get 4 Fairy Berries
Harvest Paddock Habitat Twice
Harvest 50 Rhubarb

goal 2: flutterbyes quest
Get 6 Flutterbys
Harvest Strawberry Fairy Chicken Twice
Harvest 75 Spinach

goal 3: cookie pops quest
Get 8 Cookie Pops
Harvest 50 Rice
Harvest 50 Morning Glory

goal 4: on the hunt quest
Get 8 Egg Hunt Masks
Master Strawberry Fairy Chicken to Level 1
Harvest 150 Eggplant

goal 5: spring flour quest
Get 8 Flower Cupcakes
Harvest Egg Hunt Goat Twice
Harvest 150 Blueberries

goal 6: high brow art quest
Get 8 Finger Puppets
Harvest 75 Fruit
Harvest 75 Peanut

goal 7: i scream, you scream quest
Get 9 Ice Cream Cones
Master Egg Hunt Goat to Level 1
Harvest 150 Flowers

goal 8: floral keepsakes quest
Get 10 Framed Flowers
Harvest Animal Habitat Three Times
Harvest 150 Lilac

goal 9: a toast to spring quest
Get 12 Bubbly Berries
Harvest 100 Corn
Harvest 100 Strawberry

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