Farmville Sprinkler

By | February 25, 2011

Farmville Sprinkler is the quest item you need for farmville keep growing quest

sprinkler in farmville – a good sprinkler system will make sure your plants stay healthy

in greenhouse quest part 3 you must get 6 sprinklers, how to get sprinklers in farmville :
you can skip this requirement with 15 farm cash or click ask friends to post request so your friends can help you from the news feed

xxx needs your help to collect Sprinklers in FarmVille!
xxx is cross-breeding seeds in their Greenhouse and needs your help. Send them a Sprinkler to aid in their work and you’ll get one too!


help Send Sprinker to your friends to get 1 free sprinkler faster

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  • Bea

    Ah, good to know, never got that quest so far.
    But I guess I’d still rather pay those 15 FarmCash, faster in any way ;D
    How much is 15 FarmCash in real money anway? I guess I got another 17 or 18 Euros on my paysafecard… that should be enough, right?

  • Anita

    I know what you mean! Same here, I’m too unpatient and I’d rather pay real money. I always have some leftover paysafecards which I use for Skype and I spend them on Farm Cash when I can. It makes so many things easier.

  • Lola

    Where can one get that card?
    You mentioned it’s the real money, so does it mean i don’t have to use my credit card for it?
    Thank you for your answer in advance. I’m really sick of using my cc online. Had some bad experiences lately…

    • admin

      it’s available on gamestop or 7-eleven