FarmVille Stacking Tutorial

By | October 7, 2009

FarmVille Stacking Tutorial. I belived that many of you already know this FarmVille Tricks 😛 But still, some people don’t know how to make one. So here’s the ‘stacking’ tutorial.

You must know that this is not real stacking. It’s just an illusion, an original way of decorating your farm.
Stacking is impossible in FarmVille, at least so far.

Yeah, the isometric system of this game allows the user only one level of stacking, therefore we have to trick it to make it look like there are several levels.

Stacking has a lot of potential ! Read on and you will see…

The basic objective is this :
Once you learn, you should be able to do anything you want with bales (or crates, or fences..)

Anyway, this video will only give you the first “push”. From there your imagination has to guide you!

FarmVille How to Stacking Hay Bales

FarmVille How to Stacking Fences

Here’re some samples that you can make :

Floating Hales Illusion by Charizard

Elevation with fences
by Daboo

by nizar dirawi

Elephants Storage and Hay Bale Storage
by Vio

Cool right ? why don’t you try to make one 🙂

Credits : Nag0

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  • farmer

    wow…sooo cool!!! many thanks

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    Thank you so much I did not know how this was done. A great help!

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    Thanx guys for the help i wanted to try and copy some one elses farm and it just wasnt happening.Until i watched the whole tutorial on stacking fences. it wa a great help and i hope that u hav helped many more


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    cool! this really helped me a lot..i love the design of daboo! i now know how to stack my fences and hay bales! thnx a lot..

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    those were amazing. it was a big help for my farm since my neighbors have a beautiful farms, now i can also have. actually im currently planning to make a tower like fences like what daboo did. thanks for those video. it help me a lot.


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    if elevation with fences is possible, how about elevation with hedges? is that possible.. plss. I need reply .. thank you very much

    • admin

      yes it’s possible 🙂