FarmVille Storage Expansion – Barn Raising

By | January 9, 2010

FarmVille Storage Expansion ! now you can store more with the new storage expansion 🙂
Here’s the info i got from farmville forum :

Storage expansion
you can now increase the capacity of your storage buildings. Each of your storage buildings can be upgraded twice. The first upgrade will provide you with 5 extra storage and the second upgrade will provide 7 extra storage. The two upgrades will give you 12 extra storage spaces in total.

How to expand your storage on farmville ?
There are two ways to expand your Storage.
The first way to expand storage is to pay Farm Cash. If you wish to purchase the storage upgrade with FarmVille cash (10 FC), you can do so by clicking the “BUY” button.

Alternatively, you can hold a Barn Raising, by clicking the “Expand Storage” button.

After choosing to expand your storage, you will receive a pop-up, like the one below.

clicking the “okay” button will allow you to post a feed to your wall.

After posting your feed, you will have 3 days to have 10 of your friends click on your feed. (Each of your friends can help ONCE per day (24 hours). Up to a total of 3 times (once per day) during the Barn Raising. This means you do not necessarily need 10 unique friends.

When you click on a friends feed asking for Barn Raising, you will receive 100 coins.

If you wish to “give up” on the barn raising, you can click the “GIVE UP” button and the barn raising will cease. Please keep in mind that you can only raise 1 storage item at a time.

If you do not manage to get 10 clicks on your feed in three days, you can purchase the storage upgrade at a discounted price equilavent to the amount of clicks you recieved.

The closer you manage to get to 10 clicks, the cheaper it will be to purchase with Farm Cash.

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  • rita

    I have one question, yesterday in error refused to increase my barn and I can not undo, can someone help me please

  • justdone

    A friend of mine has problems with expanding – he doesn’t have the button for the request 🙁
    Are there any limits for expanding storage buildings? (e.g.: levels, number of neighbours). Does anybody have the same problem?

  • cyber

    The limit is per user, no matter how long you wait, you can’t help your friend agai!

    That 24 hours thing is not working, at least for me.
    Another thing is that ANY farmville user may help you, ANY.
    People who don’t have any storage building, can’t expand…

  • Me

    I’m having the same problem as Cyber. My friends can’t click every day, only once. It’s frustrating me because it says you can do it once a day.

  • Charlie

    I got 10 frens to click & i expanded my barn by paying nothing. Then i notice my barn is fully expanded & $10 has gone missing. FV expanded & deducted my money without asking me. I am 100% sure i didn’t click yes to paying $10. Anyway to rectify this???

  • Nicole

    I have the same problem as Charlie (post January 14; 9:56am)

    I had 10 friends click to help me expand my barn and then the next day my barn is fully expanded (3 stars) and my cash is missing. I didn’t click yes to anything. The only box that showed up on my screen said would you like to upgrade your barn for 0 farmville cash…I made sure it said zero becaue i was saving my cash for something else. PLEASE HELP!

  • povejmi

    to Charlie: same happened to me. I dont know how can happen this.

  • Mary

    anyway to tell how close you are to getting the 10?

  • Nikunj

    You can Mary, click on the barn that you have and then on expand storage. There is shows your progress.

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  • milly

    my computer froze on friday an I having been able to the section back where it say you can expand your chicken coop or barn. Could someone please tell me how to get that page back.

  • Lauren

    Is there any way you can ask people again for them to click on your chicken coop and lend a hand?? I don’t think people saw my pop-up the first time?

  • cakes

    I’d already clik chicken coop espansions, but it never appear at my profile. My friends can not help me expand my barn. So, what should I do? Please help.

  • Imm

    I got the same problem as Cakes ..

  • Zael

    I also have problems when it comes to expansions. I’m able to post the first time for help, but after that I can’t get to do it again, the window appears telling that I have “x” days to finish up my upgrading but instead of the “share” and “cancel” buttons I only get “accept” after that nothing happens.

    The only solution I have to this is copying the link from the first one and posting it directly so your friends can help you out

  • joshua

    I got the same problem guys my chicken coop goes for expansion then if my friends try to help me it says that the barn raising is over even though it has become 1 hour since the post . i think it is some kind off hacker that is playing tricks

  • conie gill

    After barn raising is completed it says to go to storage page to see who all helped. I;ve tried everthing I know to find out who helped because they helped so fast, and would like to know who these good neighbors are!!!

  • chlcsmom

    I can’t manage to find the storage expansion page in Farmville. Can someone explain to me how to find it?

  • judy wurl

    My items are disappearing from the japs. barm that we are trying to build. My bricks should of been completed and now it shows I only have what I put in there today, also my reeds some are gone, and I’m not sure of the rest.Ones that were completed stayed that way. Could you please fix this. Thank you!!! hope I’m on the right site. Judy Wurl P S I do love farmville.

  • Sandy

    I want to know who helps click on my barn for the barn-raising. It says I can get this info by clicking on the storage expansion page. I can’t find any info on who clicks here.

  • Patty

    I have the same questions as Sandy in Question 20.


    i can’t find who helped on my expansion either. could u pls let me know how 2 find it. thanx


    I have the same question as #20

  • Elizabeth Plunkett

    I want to know how to get to expansion page to see who helped at my barn raising.

  • Vicki

    Click on the building you are expanding, then click on Expand Storage. It will say “progress 2 of 10…”