Farmville Sulfur So Good Quests Fireworks Display Festival

By | July 2, 2012

Help sakura to celebrate the fireworks display festival start with farmville sulfur so good quests !

collect the required materials to create the magic of good fireworks display for the festival !

mission rewards :
Rocket Chicken, Firework Cart, Jade Firework Tree
Firework Gnome, Firework Stand, Fireworks Display

jade falls chapter 5 goals walkthrough :

goal 1 : Farmville Sulfur So Good Quest
Get 6 Sulfur Vial
Harvest 15 Sichuan Pepper
Complete 1 Jade Pasture

goal 2 : Farmville Summer Salt Quest
Get 6 Saltpeter Vial
Harvest 8 Chinese Daikon
Harvest Rocket Chicken 2 times

goal 3 : Farmville Charcoal is the New Black Quest
Get 8 Charcoal Vial
Harvest 25 Jade Bamboo
Make 3 Bao

goal 4 : Farmville Boom Tube Quest
Open 1 Medium Bamboo Fortune
Harvest 10 Nori
Make 3 Chow Mein

goal 5 : Farmville Short Fuse Quest
Get 9 Fuse
Harvest 12 Hamachi
Harvest Jade Aviary Twice

goal 6 : Farmville Sky Sorcery Quest
Get 10 Confetti
Master Rocket Chicken
Make 3 Hamachi Maki

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