Farmville Sunshine Doghouse Treat

By | August 10, 2012

Loyal dogs are here ! These adorable pups won’t let you down, so finish this farmville sunshine doghouse now !

Doghouse does not have a time limit, so complete this home for your new pet at your own pace!

build designer doghouses
build a fanciful doghouse to adopt the first dog in your loyal dog lineage
3 materials parts to collect :
12 chew toy
12 dog bed
24 tennis ball

when you upgrade your sunshine doghouse it will generates even more sunshine dog treats !
You can Instant Grow your Doghouse to harvest it more quickly, just like your other animal pens.

You Doghouse is harvestable for various items once a day. Each time you harvest your Doghouse, you get:
Coins (100 for every dog you have in your Doghouse)
Mastery Points (1 for every dog you have in your Doghouse)
Dog Treats (1 for every dog you have in your Doghouse)

treat your dog
your doghouse produces special treats and you can also get treats from your friends
feed treats to your loyal dog to unlock the next dog

fill your farm with loyal dogs
each doghouse holds a lineage of 5 loyal dogs
unleash your dogs and put them anywhere on your farm
featured dogs sit outside their doghouse
adopt them all

Sunshine Doghouse Dogs :
Toy Poodle – Complete Doghouse
Poodle – 20 Treats or 20 FC
Yellow Lab – 40 Treats or 40 FC
Labradoodle – 70 Treats or 70 FC
Black Lab – 120 Treats or 120 FC

featured dogs fetch
unlock all 5 dogs, then collect treats and your featured dog will fetch
more treats equal better stuff

Fetchable Items:
– Flower Food (Common)
– Animal Feed (Common)
– Watering Can (Common)
– Fertilize All (Common)
– Water Bowl (Uncommon)
– Toy Stuffed Dog (Uncommon)
– Toy Bone (Uncommon)
– Dogwood Tree (Uncommon)
– Unwither (Rare)
– Persian Witch Cat (Rare)
– Party Cat (Rare)
– Bat Cat (Rare)
– Grey Cat (Rare)
– Vineyard Cat (Rare)
– Flying Squirrel (Rare)
– Scarf Squirrel (Rare)
– Brown Squirrel (Rare)

There Are Multiple Types of Doghouses ! There will be at least two different varieties of Doghouse:
– Sunshine Doghouse
– Cupcake Doghouse

Some things to keep in mind:
You can only place one of each types of doghouse on your farm (for example, your Home Farm could have one Sunshine and one Cupcake doghouse at the same time, but you could not have two Sunshines and a Cupcake on your Home Farm.)
You CAN place a doghouse you already own again on a different Farm (so you could have one Sunshine Doghouse on your Home Farm and one on English Countryside, for example.)