FarmVille Super Pumpkins Mastery

By | January 27, 2010

FarmVille Super Pumpkins Mastery ! a new crops is available on farmville, super pumpkins 🙂


In order to celebrate reaching 10 Million Fans on the Fan Page, we are proud to announce the arrival of Super Pumpkins! Super Pumpkins are only available to users who are Fans of the Official FarmVille Fan Page.

Super Pumpkins will be available at 9 PM PST on Tuesday January 26th.
The Super Pumpkin event will end at 9 PM PST on Friday January 29th.
+ Due to the various technical issues the past few days, the Super Pumpkin Event has been extended until 9:00 PM PST Sunday, January 31st.

Super Pumpkins take 4 Hours to grow
Super Pumpkins yield 100 coins when harvested
Super Pumpkins can also be mastered for a limited time!

Here’s the mastery for super pumpkins on farmville :
Level 1 : 1250
Level 2 : 1250
Level 3 : 2500
Please note: You need to harvest 5000 crops in TOTAL to achieve the level 3 Mastery.

Note: Super Pumpkins can wither if left unattended for too long, just like regular crops.

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  • Michelle

    Ok, so I’m a little confused…do we have to harvest just 5,000 crops to get to level 3 or do we have to harvest 8,750 crops to get the mastery?
    “Please note: You need to harvest 5000 crops in TOTAL to achieve the level 3 Mastery” <<– that’s what I’m not understanding…can someone help me out! Thanks 🙂

  • Sean

    You have to do a total of 8,750 crops… so pretty much we’ll finish when the take it out of the game.

  • Sean

    Well the numbers for the mastery levels are wrong on here. I just hit the second level and it’s still only 1250… :/

  • abu

    thanks man,ur the best

  • chelsea

    You have to do 5000 alone for level 3 so 8750 overall for the mastery i do believe

  • Caleb

    No its 5000 total 1250 for 1 & 2 + 2500 for 3

  • Sean

    Caleb’s right, I just hit level three and it is 2500. so now I understand when it said 5000 total.

  • chelsea

    yeah i lied its 5000 all together 😀

  • Michelle

    Thanks everyone!

  • Nimz


  • Bela

    I’m confused. Do the pumpkins end Jan 29th or Feb 2nd? I’ve seen both on Farmville.

  • D’brickashaw

    pumpkins are orange

  • ramrz

    any1 knows how long the SP take to wither?