Farmville Swan

By | September 12, 2009

Farmville Swan. Ugly Duckling is one of the 3 lost animals on FarmVille (at least 3 for now πŸ˜› ). Brown Cow, Black Sheep and Ugly Duckling.
What makes this ugly duck different from other lost animals ? Well it’s true that he’s ugly you can see his big white teeth (just like the one on chicken little movie).

But if you remember the story about The Ugly Duckling, the ugly duck change into a beautiful swan right ? Well maybe FarmVille adopt that story into this one, in three days the duck will transform into beautiful swan. Yeah Swan FarmVille ^0^

How to get an Ugly Duckling ?
You can have ugly duckling from your friends lost animal posting on your facebook newsfeed πŸ™‚


An Ugly Duckling showed up on your farm! The other ducklings made fun of him until he ran away… Will you help him find a home? You might earn a reward!

Notification for Ugly Duckling can be found while you played your FarmVille. You can publish it in your facebook newsfeed and if your friends lucky they can adopt him.

How To Transform Ugly Duckling Into Swan ?
A usual duck can be harvested their product in two days. But for this ugly duck, in three days, the ugly duckling will gonna be transform into beautiful swan. Cool isn’t it?. To transform, you just have click the duck and choose β€œTransform!”. Done! you should have a farmville swan now, a beautiful white swan πŸ˜€

Swan gives what ? What the benefits from swan ?
Swan can produce swan feather in 2 days, if you sell it you’ll earn 80 coins πŸ˜€

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  • Farmie McFarmville

    YUP! It seems rarer than getting the other two ones though. I got one and I decided to look it up and found this! Thanks for the info! πŸ™‚

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  • stargirl

    so does each ugly duck produce only 1 swan? how come one of my friends have multiple swans ? were they lucky and found them or something?

    • admin

      yeah, 1 ugly duckling only transform into 1 swan. I guess they lucky to adopt them πŸ™‚