FarmVille Sweet Corn

By | November 13, 2009

FarmVille Sweet Corn. Did you remember Sweet Seeds for Haiti Charity Event ? the sweet potato 😛


Well now Zynga is offering an extension of their Sweet Seeds for Haiti campaign, this time you can donate through Farmville Sweet Corn 🙂 not sweet potato.

Sweet Corn seeds can be purchased for 25 FV$ and you can plant the sweet corn seeds for one week and you can harvest it in 6 hours.

– 10 coins to plant.
– Yields 125 Coins when Harvested.
– 3 XP gained when planting. (Crop takes 6 Hours to grow).
– After purchasing the Sweet Corn, all donors will receive a one week license to plant them. This means that users are able to plant sweet corn in unlimited amounts for 7 days only.
– And just like sweet potato, sweet corn will never wither.

Zynga will be donate 50% from the sale of Sweet Seeds for Haiti to support sustainable and healthy meals for childrend and their families.

What is the mystery prize / kind gift for buying the Sweet Corn ?
You’ll get an orange flag in your gift box, and if you post it on your feed… your friend can click and will get a blue flag 🙂

and also you’ll unlocked the yellow flag – Sweet Seeds Gift Flag on the free gift 😛
so don’t asked me again how to unlocked the sweet seeds gift flag in the free gift 🙂

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