Farmville Sweet Potato

By | October 2, 2009

Farmville Sweet PotatoSweet Seeds for Haiti Charity Event! Today, FarmVille is proud to release “Sweet Seeds for Haiti“.
In this event, players will be able to purchase special Sweet Potatoes from the Market.

Here’s the picture ๐Ÿ™‚

Some quick tips regarding Sweet Potatoes:
โ€ข 10 coins to plant.
โ€ข Yields 125 Coins when Harvested.
โ€ข 3 XP gained when planting. (Crop takes 1 day to grow).
โ€ข After purchasing the Sweet Potatoes, all donors will receive a one week license to plant them. This means that users are able to plant sweet potatoes in unlimited amounts for 7 days only.
โ€ข Sweet Potatoes will never wither!

The best part of this event? Zynga will donate 50% from the sale of Sweet Seeds for Haiti to Support sustainable and healthy meals for children and their families.

What could be sweeter than lending a helping hand to children in need?

You will also get a special gift with your purchase so hurry on over to FarmVille and check it out!

Yay! The special gift you get is a Sweet Seeds Flag ๐Ÿ™‚

Fast Level With Sweet Potato
If you buy the sweet potato seed for 25 farm Cash, your helping relieve hunger,
But WAit!

it cost 10 coins to sow yet it gives 3 exp
better than the soybean

so 15 coins to plow + 10 coins to sow= 25 coins
=1 exp + 3 exp = 4 exp

so 1 exp = 6.25 coins
Soybean delete: 1 exp = 10 coins
Sweet Potato delete: 1 exp = 6.25 coins

So in Summary the steps are:
Prerequsite: Sweet Potato Seeds
1. Plow Soil (you can plow as many as you want).
2. Plant Sweet potato seeds for Haiti.
3. After planting all seeds on the plowed land, delete the plowed land.
4. Repeat as you wish.

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  • Tim Donough

    This would have been a fine idea if they simply let you keep the ability to plant them forever. I was going to do it until I learned that I’d only be able to plant them for 7 days. I’ve only been playing for about 2 weeks now so I’m only level 33 with 400k but I still think I’ve been playing long enough to say that this the 7 day limit was a terrible idea.

  • Erick Salazar

    HA! I got my flag already this a sweet idea!, I don`t care about the 25FV because I know this is for a great cause!! please add me as neighbor!! XD

  • luke

    a good idea is to plant them and delete and plant and delete..

    plant 1 = 4xp (plus ploughing)..

    cost only 25 coins.

    25 coins = 4 xp
    25 000 = 4000 xp (so much better than a tractor!)

    • admin

      haha that’s true ๐Ÿ™‚ a fast way to leveling in farmville with sweet potato ^0^

  • Greycap

    actualy, you also have to add the cost to plow…

    still, way better than a tractor.

  • Greycap

    that’s only 2/3 the cost of just plowing and digging

  • farmgurl

    Cool!! I am buying those later today

  • Tony

    Didn’t everyone else think it was only available for 7 days ONLY?

    I was confused when I saw them still available for purchase.

    Do you think there available permanently?

  • admin

    The event will run until October 15.
    The license lasts 7 days, and then you no longer will be able to plant sweet potatoes again.

  • Schm

    that is not even good. 15+10-125=200รท24= 4.2 coins per hr.

    Peas 15+190-381=176รท24= 7.3 coins per hr.and they are worth 3xp to.

  • Felipe

    if i donate 25fv, i can plant sweet potatoes only for a week or i can plant for ever?

    • admin

      you can plant it for a week started from your bought day, without wither at all ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Allison

    *Soo* disappointed. I waited weeks to get enough FV to get the seeds, planted 2 rows, and no longer have the seeds available. I just bought them 2 hours ago! Farmville better give me my 25FV back!

    • admin

      don’t be disappointed, you can buy farmville owls for that cash ๐Ÿ˜›

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  • Joanne

    Will you do this again in light of the recent disaster? Please let us all know how much was donated last time and how it was used !! ( since I did donate last time )