Farmville That’s Not A Bicycle Quest Circus Train

By | August 23, 2012

Baker and the circus train is here on farmville that’s not a bicycle quest ! there are 9 parts of this goals

some new missions rewards :
Unicycle Bear, Unwither, Clown Car Chicken, Pack of Turbos, Tightrope Walker Chicken, Lion Sheep, Circus Ringmaster Gnome, Mystery Game Dart, Circus Horse

requirements walkthrough :

goal 1: Farmville That’s Not A Bicycle Quest
Get 6 Unicycles
Harvest 50 Wheat
Harvest the Sunshine Dog House 1 Time

goal 2: Farmville Step Right Up Quest
Get 7 Platforms
Harvest 75 Rice
Harvest Unicycle Bear 2 Times

goal 3: Farmville Quit Clowning Around Quest
Get 8 Clown Wigs
Harvest 100 Eggplants
Craft Shovels Twice

goal 4: Farmville Juggling Flaming Pins Is Tricky Quest
Get 9 Juggling Pins
Harvest 125 Soybeans
Master Unicycle Bear 1-Star

goal 5: Farmville The High Wire Act Quest
Get 9 Tightropes
Harvest 150 Jalapeños
Craft 3 Animal Feed

goal 6: Farmville Top of the Hat Quest
Get 9 Top Hats
Harvest 150 Cabbages
Harvest a Zoo 2 Times

goal 7: Farmville Tickets, Please Quest
Get 10 Ticket Rolls
Harvest 150 Cotton
Harvest Lion Sheep 2 Times

goal 8: Farmville On With The Show Quest
Get 11 Caramel Apples
Harvest 150 Spinach
Craft an Arborist

goal 9: Farmville Horse Feathers Quest
Get 12 Horse Feathers
Harvest 200 Morning Glory
Master Lion Sheep 1-star