Farmville The Spring of Love Quests Get Enchanted with Kelly the Spring Flower Fairy

By | April 24, 2012

Get enchanted with kelly the spring fairy in farmville the spring of love quests !

hellooo, fellow farmvillian ! i am kelly the spring flower fairy !
i collect spring flowers and then i, poof ! turn them into enchanted animals !

not only XP and coins, you will also get these items as missions rewards :
Scarlet Pigonia, Bovonia Cow, Mystery Game Dart, Fairy Dust Fountain, Ducklia Duck, Unwither
Flame Sheep, XP Book, Lily Tiger, Daisy Dragon, Turbo Charger, Zinnia Penguin

here are the goals :

Goal 1: the spring of love quest
Get 4 Scarlet Begonias
Harvest 50 Red Tulips
Store 10 Items on Your Home Farm

Goal 2: cow-lorful flowers quest
Get 6 Boronias
Harvest 75 Morning Glory
Harvest the Scarlet Pigonia Twice

Goal 3: a fortunate malfunction quest
Get 8 Cornflowers
Harvest 100 Flowers
Harvest Bovonia Twice

Goal 4: cool down period quest
Get 9 Satchels of Fairy Dust
Harvest 125 Fruit
Harvest Any 3 Breeding Pens

Goal 5: a day of dahlias quest
Get 9 Dahlias
Harvest 150 Sunflowers
Master the Scarlet Pigonia to 1 Star

Goal 6: gerbera baby quest
Get 9 Gerberas
Harvest 150 Pink Roses
Harvest Ducklia Twice

Goal 7: fire flowers quest
Get 9 Flame Lilies
Harvest 150 Lilac
Master Bovonia to 1 Star

Goal 8: fire and ice quest
Get 9 Snowdrops
Harvest 150 Golden Poppy
Harvest the Flame Sheep Twice

Goal 9: eeny, meeny, miny, mo quest
Get 9 Tiger Lilies
Harvest 150 Daffodil
Master the Flame Sheep to 1 Star

Goal 10: upsy daisy quest
Get 10 Daisies
Harvest 150 Purple Poppy
Harvest the Lily Tiger Twice

Goal 11: thunder allium quest
Get 11 Allium
Harvest 150 Lily
Harvest the Daisy Dragon Twice

Goal 12: mini-zinni quest
Get 12 Zinnia
Harvest 200 Flowers
Master the Lily Tiger to 1 Star

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