Farmville The Surf Shack Quests Surfs Up In Hawaiian Paradise

By | March 13, 2012

Chapter 3 of hawaiian paradise goals : farmville the surf shack quests !

surfing is a great way to have fun in the water and stay in shape ! and it’s almost time for the surfing contest, so help ukulele bill get ready for all the spectactors and he’ll introduce us to one of the contestants !

there are 12 goals, finish them all to get these rewards :
Surfer Girl Gnome, Hawaiian Pavilion, Beach Bunny, Mermaid Gnome, Big Squid, Sharky Sheep
Mini SurfCar & Golf Greens, Pineapple Pig, Long Board Duck, Cowabunga, Hawaii Bikini / Board shorts, Hawaiian Villa

missions requirements and quest item request links :

goal 1: The Surf Shack Quest
Get 4 Puka Shell Necklaces link
Harvest 10 Shrimp
Harvest 2 Aquariums

goal 2: Souvenir Shuffle Quest
Get 6 Hawaiian T-shirts link
Harvest 45 Hilo Pineapples
Make Sweet & Sour Shrimp 3 Times

goal 3: Bill’s Beach Blast Quest
Requirements: Get 8 Cases of Drinks link
Harvest 50 Double Pikake
Complete 1 Island Pet Run

goal 4: Tiki Trouble Quest
Get 8 Lucky Tikis link
Harvest 55 Golden Sugarcane
Harvest 1 Beach Bunny

goal 5: Surf Wax On Quest
Get 8 Bars of Surf Wax link
Make Shave Ice 3 Times
Harvest 1 Big Squid

goal 6: Something Sharky Quest
Get 8 Surf Reports link
Harvest 35 Kelp
Harvest 65 Yams

goal 7: Surfer Sighting Quest
Get 8 Pairs of Binoculars link
Harvest 65 Hawaiian Orchids
Harvest 1 Sharky Sheep

goal 8: Picture Perfect Quest
Get 8 Cameras link
Harvest 70 Double Pikake
Make 3 Pineapple Sunrises

goal 9: Surf’s Up Quest
Get 8 Surf Songs link
Harvest 75 Yellow Hibiscus
Harvest 1 Pineapple Pig

goal 10: Board Now Quest
Get 9 Surf Boards link
Improve Volcano Reef to Level 6
Make Seaweed Soup 3 Times

goal 11: In the Boardshorts Quest
Get 10 Pairs of Boardshorts link
Harvest 2 Aquariums
Harvest 90 Lilikoi

goal 12: Ride the Wave Quest
Get 12 Fan Letters link
Dig up 1 Large Buried Treasure
Make 4 Plantation Iced Teas

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