Farmville Three-Flowered Maple Quest Jade Falls Magnificent Trees

By | August 6, 2012

Sakura will show you the jade falls magnificent trees on farmville three-flowered maple quest !

these jade falls chapter 10 goals have 6 parts, here are the new mission rewards you can get :
Three Flowered Tree, Champak Tree, Teak Tree
Purple Japanese Tree, Japanese Wisteria Tree, Purple Empress Tree

missions walkthrough :

goal 1: Farmville Three-Flowered Maple Quest
Get 6 Three-flowered Maple Leaves
Harvest 12 Chinese Daikon
Make 2 Chow Mein

goal 2: Farmville Champak Tree Quest
Get 8 Champak Petals
Harvest 12 Sticky Rice
Make the Pho Soups recipe 3 times

goal 3: Farmville Teak Tree Quest
Get 8 Teak Leaves
Harvest 25 Lotus
Harvest 1 Champak Tree

goal 4: Farmville Japanese Lilac Quest
Get 8 Lilac Sprig
Harvest 18 Wasabi
Make 4 Bibimbap

goal 5: Farmville Japanese Wisteria Quest
Get 9 Wisteria Leaves
Harvest 35 Imperial Tea
Improve Imperial Ship to Stage 4

goal 6: Farmville Empress Tree Quest
Get 10 Empress Leaves
Harvest Japanese Wisteria 2 Times
Make 4 Hot & Sour Eggplant

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