FarmVille Tips And Tricks

By | September 24, 2009

FarmVille Tips and Tricks 🙂 Here are tips and tricks for playing Farmville, maybe you already know some of these farmville tips like how to earn experience (XP) faster in FarmVille. Or maybe you can share more FarmVille tips & tricks with us here.

Doing a multiple of crops works best 🙂
– Plant half of your farm with high paying crops that take multiple days to harvest.
– Plant the other half with quick turn over crops through out the day.
– Plant rice or pumpkins at the end of the day when you go to sleep
– Find a balance between profit and experience by planting Short Term Crops like Blueberry or Raspberry or Strawberry and Long Term Crops that yield higher profits. see Farmville Seeds for more information 😀

For Short Term Crops you’ll earn 2 experience points (XP) when you plant a seed that takes at least one day to sprout rather than one for those that take less.

Trees and animals are a good investment because they are a one time investment, you can see FarmVille Trees List & FarmVille Animal List for more information 😀

FarmVille Neighbour Friends

Make sure you click the tab at the top of the Farmville Game “My Neighbors” and send requests to anyone who is not currently your neighbor. Just because one of your Facebook friends is playing Farmville doesn’t mean that they are automatically your neighbor. You must send the request.

Invite as many friends as you can to play Farmville along with you. The more friends you have, the more opportunities to expand your farm (which means more room to plant seeds) and the more neighbors to help each day!
Each day, you can visit/help your friends’ farms, earning 5 XP per farm 🙂

Farmville Ribbon Bonus & Lost animals

How to adopt lost animals ? How to find lost animals faster ?
you can get lost animals from your friends post, so you need to see it in your wall to adopt lost animals. You don’t need to check it one by one there’s a faster way for this.
And Did you know when your friends get ribbons they can share the wealth ?

Well here is a way to only see posts for Farmville on facebook.
Copy and paste:
(That will filter FarmVille newsfeeds on your friends wall)
Now you just have to find and collect all the bonus.

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  • xandre

    when is the expansion coming?

  • Kev!

    for xp it is a lot of work but you can basicaly BUY it…

    buy and sell the basic hay bale…
    pro…95 coins = 5xp or 1 xp for 19 coins
    con…takes time to sell

    plow and plant soy beans, delete and repeat…
    pro…30 coins = 3xp or 1xp for 10 coins
    con…takes time to delete each one

    plow and plant sweet potatoes, delete and repeat…
    pro…25 coins = 4xp or 1xp for 6.25 coins
    con…takes time to delete each one

    I should get a job…


    • admin

      haha, thanks for sharing tips kav 🙂

  • inkheartmeg

    Does anyone know why the farmville news feed is not working. It comes empty for me and yet I find posts the hard way…

    Well here is a way to only see posts for Farmville on facebook.
    Copy and paste:

  • often never

    you might have blocked the application from your news feeds you can easily fix it in you settings menu at the top of the page.

  • Robinson Kansakar

    please send me the tool on selling haybales easily

  • adeel f

    how many levels are there in farmville i wanna now b.coz iam on level 70 ?
    my id is heyfarhan

  • GinnyB

    I have tried all of the links listed above and nothing says that it is blocked on my settings. I know I did block farmville at one point in time, but there’s no place for me to unblock. Any other tips besides the ones above?

  • carole

    i am having the same problem. can’t see farmville post from my friends on my wall.. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariana

    Ok I was having the same problem and I just got it to work… first go to Facebook news feed… then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the your page… on the bottom right you will see edit options… click there and you will see all the blocked applications…

    If that doen’t work click on this link: then go to the bottom of your page… click on “edit options” and unblock the application…

  • Brenda

    I am having the same problem, I can’t see farmville post from my friends on my home page. Please help. I’ve looked at everything to see if I have it blocked and it’s not. Please help

  • krystal

    to unblock farmville, go to your homepage, click on TOP NEWS, scroll to the very end where you see “older posts” and “edit options”..when the box appears it will show friends that are on applications, scroll through until you find farmville and click ‘add to newsfeed”

  • Liv

    Thanks Krystal, My boyfriend was having the same problem, who would have guessed going to “edit options” on the bottom, would’ve solved the problem. Thanks so much, he’s going to be very happy that he can collect his bonuses from farmville friends now.

  • Mike

    Any idea about this for a cell phone? On friday (and still now)I would recieve a notification from farmville, like so and so found a golden egg. I would click on it and it would take me to and allow to claim it. But since friday I only go to the their wall, nothing about Farmville (same with my wall.) Just what people type. I sent a request to both Facebook and Zynga but have heard nothing back. BTW, this is an LG Arena using Iskoot, not an iphone. Been working for 2 weeks.

  • mandy fryett

    i couldnt see notifications from my friends for farmville and cafe world. I followed krystals instructions and hoooray i finally have these back on my page THANK YOU KRYSTAL

  • nathalie

    i dont have problems in finding farmville in my news feed i lost the game feed the game feed is the tableau that appears under your farm there is you activity friends activity and game feed where is that thing

  • Teri

    I have read all the post referencing missing news feeds. Last night my farmville news feed went away. I have looked everywhere for a blocked application; the edit option at the bottom of the news feed page, in privacy settings Nothing is blocked or comes up on a list and I am only getting messages, like what people type during the day, no game feeds at all. any Ideas?

  • Teri

    Mandy Thanks, I tried that no luck there is nothing listed there on my screen

  • Ragz

    @Teri, I tried all of the above they didn’t work for me as well, But this did, on your Home page click on “Friends” and you will see “Status Updates” click on that scroll down to “Edit Options” and click, then choose the application, in this case Farmville and click on Add To News Feed.

  • zach

    last night all my farmville newsfeed disapeared the game is not hidden in newsfeed does anyone know how i can get it back on my page ive tried everything

  • laceynicole

    i have no news feeds blocked, and yet my farmville updates aren’t posted to my wall. can anyone help?

  • dennis

    I don’t want any of my updates going to anyone on facebook unless they are playing the game. I currently don’t post anything because I’m not trying to clutter up my friends who don’t play’s news feed. Can anyone help?

  • william gumiho

    how many fren can get one tree from friend wall (mistery seeding `orchard` grow) reward?

  • cherikinzlesilvia

    No game feed I get friends activity and mine but gamefeed shows,but doesn’t work.I can’t interact because of this.

  • kidmath11111

    i can’n play farmville 2 because it doesn’t load completely. tell me how to fix it please