FarmVille Toilet Paper

By | April 1, 2010

FarmVille Toilet Paper 🙂 to celebrate April Fool’s Day on farmville you will get a toilet paper in your gift box.

toilet paper on farmville

what is toilet paper on farmville ? how to use toilet paper on farmville ?
did you get this pop up :
it’s april 1st ! want to help ‘decorate’ your friend’s barn ?
go ahead and visit them, then click the toilet paper roll !
the toilet paper is a 1 time use only

so here’s how toilet paper works in farmville :
You can use toilet paper to ‘decorate’ your friend’s barn… click on the barn you want to toilet paper for April Fool’s Day !
here’s what it look like after you decorate

LOL ! what a prank ! Don’t worry, it’ll be easy for them to clean it up.

Once you use the toilet paper on your neighbors barn, you have to click on share to the share the link to the facebook feed

your neighbor can click “check it out” under the toilet paper picture on the news feed to view the newly toilet paperd barn and it also stays toilet papered until your neighbor clicks on their barn and then clicks on “clean”

if you do not share the link… there is no way for your neighbor to view what you did to his/her barn !

so go ‘decorate’ your friends barn with toilet paper in gift box and make them surprised and wondered why the barn is full with toilet paper 😛

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