FarmVille Topiaries

By | October 8, 2009

FarmVille Topiaries 🙂 Farmville Topiary hedges are now available from the Market in the shapes of your favorite animals! Be the first to collect all 13 of these remarkable items and leave your friends green with envy.


FarmVille game has updating 13 animal topiaries, which divided into 2 part :
1. The one that sale on market
Here’re Farmville Market Prices for Topiary Items:
Cow Topiary 300 coins, 5 XP
Pig Topiary 1500 coins, 15 XP
Duck Topiary 3000 coins, 30 XP
Sheep Topiary 5 FV cash, 40 XP
Llama Topiary 10 FV cash, 70 XP
Flamingo Topiary 15 FV cash, 100 XP


2. Gift Topiary, to get gift topiary you must be gifted by your Farmville neighbors
These Farmville Topiary are only Available as free gifts:
Horse Topiary
Goat Topiary
Bunny Topiary
Elephant Topiary
Goose Topiary
Ostrich Topiary level 35
Buffalo Topiary level 40

If you have too many topiaries on your farm and don’t know where to put it, while waiting for FarmVille Expansion the unwanted Topiary, like all gifts from your neighbors, can be sold. gifted topiary is worthed 15 coins.

So what are you waiting for ? Start collect them 😀

Look Aufstehn just collected all Farmville tropiaries 🙂

  • SHer

    what happens when all animal topiaries have been collected?

    • admin

      well nothing special will happen 🙂

  • Filippo

    horse topiary unlock at level 6

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