FarmVille Tractors

By | October 7, 2009

FarmVille Tractors. All you need to know (and must know) about Tractors in FarmVille !
With so many confusion about Tractors.. I’ll consolidate a list of information that you must know about Tractors.

Y’know, it ain’t always easy being a Farmer. Sometimes, lookin’ out over yer fields, all you is can think is: “Golly, I sure could use some help.”
We here at FarmVille understand that, folks. That’s why we’ve added a Tractor that you can use to add even more fun to yer farmin’.

It’s true what they say. Life really is better on the seat of Tractor.

1. Tractors plow 4 fallow lands at a time. It uses 4 Fuels. It can be used to plow 1-4 lands also. It uses 1 Fuel per land.
2. Tractors come with a default 150 Fuel Tank
3. Tractors regenerate fuel at 1 Fuel per 2min 30sec. That’s 6hrs 15min for a full 150 Fuel Tank.
4. Buying 2 Tractors DOES NOT give you extra tank nor speed up regeneration rate. Buying 2 Tractors also DOES NOT give you extra fuel meter.
5. Fuels tanks are sold in the market for CASH. They are ONE USE ITEM.
6. Tractors are used to PLOW only.
7. Tractors cost 30,000 Coins. At least it’s better than Barn that cost 40,000 and does nothing.
8. Cost of plowing with tractor is the same. Each plow (1 land) cost 15 coins and earns 1 EXP. Plowing of 4 lands (60 coins 4 EXP)

credits : KeyboardWarrior

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