Farmville Travel Heavy Quest Return to England

By | September 30, 2012

Get ready to meet duke again because you will return to england on farmville travel heavy quest ! this is a ndw english countryside missions !
help duke with his airship voyage around the world and you will get these new rewards :
Old English Hens, English Pavilion, White Pine Tree, Gertrude the Ewe, Rose Garden, English Goats, Mystery Dart, English Elm, English Manor

goal 1: FarmVille Travel Heavy Quest
Harvest 500 English Peas
Harvest 500 English Roses
Take Photo with the Green Button

goal 2: FarmVille Barley Started Quest
Harvest 800 Barley
Make 6 Barley Crumpets
Harvest 6 Livestock Pens

goal 3: FarmVille Lift a Pint Quest
Harvest 800 Hops
Harvest 800 Red Currant
Make 8 Oliviaberry Beers

goal 4: FarmVille Where there’s a Wool Quest
Harvest 1000 Tomatoes
Harvest 1000 Strawberries
Make 8 Love Potions

goal 5: FarmVille A Lamb for Ewe Quest
Build 1 Sheep Pen
Harvest the Sheep Pen 3 Times
Harvest 1000 Cara Potatoes

goal 6: FarmVille I’m sure it’ll Turnip Quest
Harvest a Cow Pasture 5 Times
Harvest 1000 Turnips
Make 10 Turnip Stew

goal 7: FarmVille Find Doctor Fluffy Quest
Harvest 1000 Radishes
Harvest 1000 Foxglove
Make 10 Foxes Ale

goal 8: FarmVille Fit for a Duke Quest
Harvest 1200 Black Tea
Make 6 Rosehip Tea
Make 6 Duke’s Stout

goal 9: FarmVille Goodbye Again Quest
Harvest 1500 Royal Hops
Make 12 Lionhead Ale
Buy 1 Crate

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