Farmville Tree Groves Parts Links

By | April 24, 2012

The farmville tree groves are here ! build them with parts to make your orchards even better !

build a grove and nearby orchards get big mastery, coin and coconut bonuses !

read more guide tips below :

Build a grove !
– ask your friends for parts to build your grove
– don’t forget to send your friends parts as free gifts

there are 3 parts you need to collect :

here are the material links :
turf roll link
mini boulder link
mulch soil link

get bonus mastery and coins on your orchards
– groves create special areas for orchards
– harvest orchards in grove areas to get bonus mastery coins & coconuts

build more groves for even bigger orchard bonuses
– put orchards in 2 groves areas for a double orchard bonus
– the more grove areas that an orchard is in, the bigger the bonus is

groves also give mystery seedlings
– groves aren’t orchards, but they still harvest for mystery tree seedlings
– seedlings come from one of the trees inside your grove

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