Farmville Trick or Treat Pumpkin Missions

By | October 28, 2011

Start your farmville trick or treat missions now ! i think this will be the last halloween missions for 2011 ? you can see the pumpkin basket icon for the quest

6 goals with candy buckets, there’s also tricks or treats updates 🙂

item rewards you can get beside XP and coins :
reverse skunk
orange granny wolf
robo dino ninja
orange hippo
robot costume
pumpkin dragon
some of the items will be used on these goal too

list of pumpkin basket quest requirements :

part 1 : let there be light (sticks) mission
– get 8 light sticks
– visit 4 neighbors
– harvest 200 fruit

part 2 : the bucketeers mission
– get 8 candy buckets
– harvest the reverse skunk
– harvest 200 flowers

part 3 : jack-o-lighting mission
– get 10 jack-0-lantern flashlights
– harvest the orange granny wolf
– harvest 200 grain crops

part 4 : the route to loot mission
– get 10 candy maps
– place halloween robodinoninja in zoo
– harvest 100 candy corn

part 5 : there’s always one mission
– get 12 cardboard box costumes
– master reverse skunk to level 2
– harvest 200 vegetables

part 6 : trick or treat mission
– get 12 confetti bombs
– harvest the zoo
– harvest 150 black tulips

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  • Jessica

    I would like to know how to save this link to my computer & will it update itself. I have had no luck with Farmville Nations. It is okay to us, but it does not update. Also, it does not show all quest. Some of the information on the quest that is needed will be blanked out. It is upsetting when you are trying to finish quest & earn the prize for that quest. Thank you for your time. Jessica

  • Sve

    I have problem getting the candy buckets, i will appreciate it if you help me 🙂 The problem is that I can’t ask my friends to send them to me, is there a link to ask my friends?

  • tazzymaz

    GOTTA be kidding me !!!!! cleared the 5 first and the 6th am gonna fail the last !!!! I WANT THAT DRAGON y so studid requirement ???? 150 black tulips
    don’t have 1 day !!! 🙁 🙁 🙁