Farmville Tunnel of Love Parts Links

By | February 10, 2012

Build farmville tunnel of love with parts ! help couples find love & win great prizes !
Help spark love between the animal couples taking a ride down the tunnel of love ! finish helping them in time, and they’ll have a baby! (you’ll get one too)
there are 3 animal couples :
giraffe couple : baby valentine giraffe
peacock couple : baby pink peacock
bear couple : romeo cub

there are 3 steps :
first you need to hire 5 crews
get 5 friends to serenade the couple and spark romance !

second, get 8 valentines to rekindle mr. & mrs. peacock’s love
valentine link

third, collect these 3 parts @ 10 :
love-seat-link boat-pedal-link pink-board-link
love seat link – boat pedal link – pink board link
oh no, all out of boats ! build a boat so the couple can take a ride down the tunnel of love

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