FarmVille Turtle

By | October 23, 2009

FarmVille Turtle ! a new lost animal in farmville 🙂 Wow, this green turtle is very cute ^0^

look here’s the picture :

what do you harvest from turtle ?
well the turtle will produce eggs in 3 days for 86 coins 🙂

A turtle just showed up in your farm 🙂

Adopt turtle ?

How to get turtle in farmville ?
well you can adopt turtle just like other lost animals 🙂 you can see the guide in how to adopt lost animals in farmville

look! he’s been adopted, look how happy the turtle is 😛

Note : There’s some glitch for this turtle, sometimes the turtle disappears if you try to move it on your farm.
Try to refresh and you should keep your turtles in the same place.

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  • Federico

    fantastic! =)
    i just love it. want to find one!

  • Doc

    > FarmVille Tropiaries

    You misspelled “Topiaries.”

    • admin

      oh, thanks 🙂

  • kt

    i googled it and apparently , like the ugly duckling, you transform it into a dinosaur as big as the elephant, 🙂

  • hbond

    i have just got the turtle and harvested it you get 86 coins from the eggs

    • admin

      thanks for sharing hbond 🙂

  • Talia

    ahaha LOL I got a turtle, like a min ago.. cant wait for the turtle eggs! :p

    -Talia <3 xD

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  • marc

    plz. give me an 10turtle and 10kitten

  • Abiiiiiiiiiiii

    if u wanmt 10 tyrtle and 10 kitten make another account wiht farmville, leave the 2nd account for 15-20 minutes without touching it and a random animal will have turned up.

  • jameel brizuela

    i buy an almost ten thousand pieces(10,000) of Hay Bales to use it as a decoration on my farmville,but after a while it syncronize and till now i cannot load or open my farm.

    Please i’m asking a help to FarmVille personel if it is possible to fix my problem.

    jameel brizuela