FarmVille Underground Storage

By | August 19, 2010

FarmVille Underground Storage ! in this week’s coming soon there will be new feature called underground storage.

The storage cellar will make an appearance in farmville bringing with it some well deserved leg room for farmville players. The storage cellar will take up a very small amount of room and will allow you to store a total of 500 items on your farm.

To increase storage in your cellar, you will need to get your friends to send you gifts to unlock more room. This version of the feature should prove to be much easier for our players as there is no crop growing or digging required to take advantage of the extra space. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like waiting for your friends to send you gifts, you can simply pay Farm Cash to get your storage immediately.

i found some picture that related with underground storage in farmville, there are pictures like :
– cellar shovel
– wood storage
– steel storage

i hope this feature will coming this friday πŸ™‚

update :
the farmville cellar is here ! also look at the farmville cellar prizes that you can get πŸ˜›

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