Farmville Unite The Lovers

By | January 28, 2011

Farmville Unite The Lovers ! the second farmville new valentine’s day quest

unite the lovers in farmville

Yowza ! That’s a pretty pink sow ! My boar is going need some help to get her attention !

for farmville unite the lovers quest you must :
1. harvest 200 strawberries – a few chocolate covered strawberries will help in winning her heart !
2. get 6 sticks of cotton candy – no pig can resist delicious cotton candy, ask your friends for some !
3. harvest 3 valentines from cupid’s castle – this sow knows how pretty she is, we’ll need more valentines to impress her !

rewards : 250 XP + 5,000 coins + 1 pink pig

I’ve never seen 2 pigs more perfect for each other, and i couldn’t have done it without your help ! share a pink pig with your friends to say thank you !

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