Farmville Volcano Reef Parts Links

By | March 6, 2012

One of the main ‘building’ for hawaiian paradise you need to build is farmville volcano reef where it will be used for hawaiian paradise missions !
there are some stage to upgrade, and you can make it to final stage where there will be rainbow, lava, and trees !

for the first level you only need @3 of these parts :
Baby Fish
Stony Coral
Volcano Monitor

if you click on the volcano reef you will find these options :
– complete now : 2FC
– get reward now : 3FC
– ask for parts
– send parts
– look inside

here are the materials links :
baby-fish stony-coral-piece volcano-monitor
baby fish link – stony coral link – volcano monitor link

to complete through final stage you will need a total of :
277 Baby Fish
277 Volcano Monitor
277 Stony Coral

you can harvest volcano reef for rewards like decorations and materials 🙂

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