Farmville Welcome To Hawaii Quests Hawaiian Paradise

By | February 27, 2012

Aloha ! finally we’re getting a new farm expansion mission chapter 1 : in farmville welcome to hawaii quests
but you can only see this now if you’re a vip farmer flight 😛 now ukelele bill will give you an island tour to know more about hawaiian paradise

reward you can get from these goals are :
Gnome Hula Girl, Vacation Ewe, Outrigger Ducks
Monkey Pod Tree, Humback Whale, Rainbow Bridge

here are the quest requirements + item request links :
goal 1 : Welcome to Hawaii Quest
Ask friends for 6 Tiki Torches link
Harvest 10 Kelp
Harvest 30 Yellow Hibiscus

note : if your quest icon is this girl
then please look on farmville hawaiian paradise chapter 2, because it got the same quest title 😛

goal 2 : Float on Over Quest
Ask friends for 7 Pool Rafts link
Harvest 40 Taro
Harvest 10 Mussels

goal 3 : Oar Else Quest
Ask friends for 8 Oars link
Harvest 10 Yellowfin Tuna
Make Poi Twice

tips :
craft a Poi at the Tiki Bar, collect Taro Bushels x9.

goal 4 : Snorkeling Time Quest
Ask friends for 9 Diving Masks link
Harvest 15 Shrimp
Harvest 50 Yellow Hibiscus

goal 5 : Flippering Out Quest
Ask friends for 10 Flippers link
Harvest 1 Monkey Pod Tree
Make Inamona Twice

craft inamona in tiki bar with :
Yellowfin Tuna Bushels x1
Yellow Hibiscus Bushels x4
Chick Pea Bushels x2.

goal 6 : Whale of a Good Time Quest
Ask friends for 12 Aqua Microphones link
Harvest 55 Hawaiian Orchids
Harvest 2 times Humpback Whales

tips :Place and harvest the Humpback Whale in the Ocean Animal Pen.

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