Farmville Welcome To Hawaii Quests

By | March 6, 2012

These are chapter 2 of Hawaiian Paradise in farmville welcome to hawaii quests if you already got the early access before 🙂
ukulele bill surf shack will keeps everyone equipped for fun in the sun !

missions rewards you can get :
Spotted Eagle Ray, Duck Tiki Pole, Fire Dancer Pig, Fire Dancer / Hula Dancer, Swordfish, Sailing Boarding Duck
Golfer Cow, Nene Goose, Red Coral Tree, Cinnamon Teal Duck, Jet Ski Sheep, Aloha Horse

goals requirements :
goal 1: Welcome to Hawaii Quest
Get 6 Tourist Maps link
Harvest 10 Kelp
Improve Volcano Reef to Level 2

goal 2: Lei Around Quest
Plow 7 Welcome Leis link
Harvest 45 Taro
Harvest 1 Spotted Eagle Ray

goal 3: Tropical Reception Quest
Get 8 Tiny Umbrellas link
Complete 1 Island Livestock Pen
Make Poi Twice

goal 4: Hawaiian Hello Quest
Get 8 Tropical Cups link
Harvest 15 Kelp
Harvest 1 Fire Dancer Pig

goal 5: Shades of Fun Quest
Get 8 Pairs of Sunglasses link
Harvest 20 Yellowfin Tuna
Make Seaweed Soup Twice

goal 6: Wear Sunscreen Quest
Get 8 Bottles of Sunscreen link
Harvest 2 Aquariums
Make Inamona Twice

goal 7: Add Visor Quest
Get 7 Sun Visors link
Harvest 60 Taro
Harvest 60 Golden Sugarcane

goal 8: A Sunny Stroll Quest
Get 8 Banana Bunches link
Harvest 60 Yams
Make Poi Twice

goal 9: A Walk in Paradise Quest
Get 8 Crackers link
Harvest 30 Shrimp
Harvest Nene Goose

goal 10: Cliff Knots Quest
Get 9 Strong Ropes link
Harvest 65 Hilo Pineapples
Make Sweet and Sour Shrimp 3 Times

goal 11: Flip Flopper Quest
Get 10 Pairs of Sandals link
Harvest Nene Goose Twice
Make 3 Pineapple Sunrises

goal 12: Happy Hammock Quest
Get 12 Hammocks link
Master Nene Goose 1-star
Improve Volcano Reef to Level 3

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