FarmVille White Grapes Mastery

By | April 23, 2010

FarmVille White Grapes Mastery ! Today we have 2 new crops that can be mastered

white grapes on farmville

How many White Grapes for each level of Mastery ? see it below

White grape is one of the latest crop added to the FarmVille market, you can find it on the seeds tab 🙂

Cost : 245 Coins per Plot
Harvests in 12 hours
Yields 360 Coins and 2XP

This new crop can be mastered, and is permanent!

Mastery for white grapes crops :
level 1 mastery : 1200 white grapes
level 2 mastery : 2400 white grapes
level 3 mastery : 3600 white grapes
total harvest : 7200 white grapes

go start to your farm an plant the white grapes 🙂 and make sure you know how many white grapes to harvest for each white grapes mastery star !

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