FarmVille White Kitty Cat

By | December 30, 2009

FarmVille white kitty ! Yay a new cat is available on farmville today, a white kitty 🙂
farmville white cat

including this white kitty so we have 4 cats in farmville right now =)
black kitten, orange tabby, grey tabby, and white kitty

look 2 white animal on cbfreak farm 😛 a white kitty and alpaca.

How to get white kitty on farmville ?
just like other lost animals, you can get lost white kitty in facebook news feeds. Read the guide how to adopt lost animals in farmville.


What do you harvest from white kitty on farmville ?
You can brush kitten from white kitty

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  • Waffles

    How come I havent seen them?

  • Zoie

    What is wrong with Farmville? How come the gift giver will not let you accept the Farmville Dollars or Villa’s? And why aren’t the white kittens available also?

  • maeve

    because thats not the farmville game its a place where u send gifts to profile snd if u look at them it sais not used in farmville or sumten like that its just a group that set that up

  • Hoollla

    i got 4 wite cats 😀 my brother and sister keep finding them for me 😀

  • Bridgette

    Im looking for the White Kitten. Not the kitty but the kitten If you click on one of your animal and then click on mastry stars there will be a search bar type in the search bar and you will find the white kitten its a little white kitten but I cant find it anywhere and its not in the market so does anyone know where to find a white kitten. Either email me or inbox me the answer. or Thanks