Farmville Wildlife Adventure Prizes Items

By | May 16, 2012

Complete the Farmville Wildlife Adventure for a special bonus prize !

It’s time to collect wildlife adventure gifts ! New prizes added every day ! collect all 12 prizes and get a special bonus prize for free !

the bonus prize for completing wildlife adventure and earn 12 rewards is ankole watusie cattle

ask your friends for 12 days of items to redeem great prizes :
Journal, Animal Guide, Tree Guide, Tilley Hat, Water, Insect Repellent
Boots, Telescope, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Explorer Shirt, Explorer Jacket

list of prizes you can get from wildlife adventure :
Grey Wolf, Douc Lander Monkey, Dancing Cobra, Cypress Sculpted Tree, Javan Hawk, Black Rhino
Peregrine Falcon, Red Cassia Tree, Carabao, Jungle Fowl, Merlion Fountain, Canopy Elephant