FarmVille Winery Crafting Cottages

By | June 9, 2010

FarmVille Winery Crafting Cottages ! winery is one of cottage that available on farmville for crafting cottages 🙂

farmville winery building

spa cottage – uses fruit and grain bushels to make wines and juices

how does winery cottage works on farmville ?
first you will need some bushels to make crafted goods ! and use the crafting goods to super-charge your farmver 🙂


sneak peek at some of the recipes for winery on farmville :
sweet sake bushels needed :
– rice
– cranberries

white sangria bushels needed :
– white grapes
– sugar cane
– strawberries

red table wine bushels needed :
– grapes
– white grapes

fruit wine bushels needed :
– raspberries
– blueberries
– sugas cane


if you sign up for this winery cottage you can get Bacchus Gnome 🙂

so if you wonder how to get bacchus gnome on farmville you can get it from signed up for this winery cottages.

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  • Paul

    how do I make the wine from my bushels?

  • christiane malossi

    ma ferme sur farmvill est bloquée et je parle pas anglais,pouvez vous me débloquée

  • Meredith

    it shoed me that i could make the whines but can i get the cottage?

  • Hazel Bondoc

    I want to sign up for farmville spa

  • daisy

    i missed the option to buy it. how can i get one?

  • jans

    i have nt got winery yet y?

  • andjoeww

    all my friends have a crafting cottage…..

    but i cant get one :'(….
    helllup me please…???!!!

  • carolyn britton

    i want to know how to get crafting cottage i cant seem to find it i people are sending me bushels but i dont know where to go get them please help me asap thanks

  • Prashanth

    cant we buy winery with coins now?:(

  • Agnes

    Can I use my own bushels from my farm to make products?

  • Agnes

    I would like to use bushels from my won farm to make products . CanI do this or MUST i buy them from friends?