Farmville Wishing Well

By | February 18, 2011

Farmville Wishing Well is a new feature available for St. Partick’s Day 😀 It’s not a buildable and also, not huge

wishing well farmville

it’s slowly being rolled out for everyone, here’s a word from farmville :
We’ve been working on getting the Wishing Well ready for release and a small percentage of folks are seeing a version that we didn’t intend anyone to see just yet–and as you can see it’s got bugs in it. So we’re working on making sure the bugs are fixed and getting it ramped up for everyone as soon as possible.

Here’s the guide how wishing well works in farmville :

you can put a wishing well on your farm, then you will see this pop up :
You just started your wishing well. Make sure to use your free throw, who knows what you will get ? Share with your friends and you will both get lucky pennies !

share the news so your friends can get lucky penny :
xxx placed a wishing well on their farm. help them out and you’ll get some too !
xxx is hoping to win big rewards with their wishing well. click and you’ll help them out, and get a lucky penny of your own too !


Gift and get lucky pennies with your friends to throw in your wishing well (you can also buy penny from market). Every penny thrown has a chance to get a collectable item. Complete a collection and win rewards and the chance to get even better items !

there are 4 collections that you can complete to level up the wishing well and unlock next collection :
Level 1 : Farmville St Patrick’s Day Collection – reward : farmville leprechaun gnome
Level 2 : Farmville Irish Flowers Collection – reward : farmville clover rabbit
Level 3 : Farmville Irish Food Collection – reward : farmville irish cottage
Level 4 : Farmville Irish Landmarks Collection – reward : farmville dexter cow

farmville wishing well rewards

what do you think about the new feature ?

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  • Susan Parker

    When will farmville let the animals WALK again??? I miss my walking cows, sheep, pigs, horses, geese, ducks, etc.

  • Juli V

    This well was a waste of time and effort. I was expecting something better than this.

  • Amanda

    I think they should release more levels!

  • wendy grant

    i loved the wishing well are there going to be more prizes added to the collection. I have left over pennies. I love the rabbit

  • Lacey

    I really liked the wishing well. A lot more than some other recent holiday themed things on FarmVille. I just wish that they’d create some more levels to do. I finished all four levels the first day!