Farmville Wrap It Up Quests Lets Get Moving To Pismo Beach

By | February 28, 2012

Help zing lets get moving and pack up in farmville wrap it up quests, because elves don’t live at the north pole year around !

it’s time to say goodbye to winter wonderland ! zing will moving on the case and getting a vacation, his place is in pismo beach and don’t worry the elf will be back next year 🙂

goals rewards :
Airplane Control Tower, Stewardess Ewe, Constable Woof
3x Turbo Charger Pack, Sasquatch Costume, Elven Vacation Tree House

here are the missions requirements :
goal 1 : Wrap It Up Quest
– Ask friends for 4 Suitcases
– Harvest 1 Winter Aviary
– Harvest 50 Mint Candy

goal 2 : Headcount Quest
– Ask friends for 6 Passports
– Harvest 1 Winter Animal Pen
– Harvest 75 Gingerbread

goal 3 : On the Case Quest
– Ask friends for 8 Snowy Footprints
– Harvest 1 Stewardess Ewe
– Craft 3 Ginger S’Mores

goal 4 : Icy What You Did There Quest
– Ask friends for 8 Rolls of Crime Scene Tape
– Harvest 125 Peanuts
– Harvest Constable Woof

goal 5 : Room for One More Quest
– Ask friends for 9 Sasquatch Baggage
– Make 3 Peanut Brittle
– Harvest 150 Gingerbread

tips :
craft Peanut Brittle in Sweet Shoppe by collecting these bushels :
Iced Rice Bushel x3
Gingerbread Bushel x2
Peanut Bushel x2

goal 6 : Snacks on a Plane Quest
– Ask friends for12 Airplane Snacks
– Harvest 150 Gummi Bear
– Master Stewardess Ewe 1-Star

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