FarmVille Wrapping Paper

By | December 11, 2010

FarmVille Wrapping Paper is one of the quest item that you will need for a festive tree goals in farmville

wrapping paper on farmville

in wrapping presents quest you will need to get 6 sheets of wrapping paper, to finish those presents i’ll need something to wrap them in !

how to get wrapping paper in farmville ?
you can click ask friends button on wrapping presents goal or you can skip this goal with 10 farm cash

if you click ask friends button then it will be posted on your wall so your friend can give you wrapping paper
xxx is wrapping presents in farmville !
xxx is getting ready for the holidays but needs some wrapping paper for their gifts. Be a good friend and give them one — you’ll get one too !

you can also look for this post and give wrapping paper for your friend so you will get an extra 🙂

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  • aurora

    I have extra but when i try to use it I get a notice to save it for later, what gives?