Farmville Yeti’s Adventure Begins Missions

By | December 1, 2011

There’s a promotion with discover card in farmville yeti’s adventure begins missions where the orange yeti will guide you with 6 goals and get pierre the giraffe on the last quest !

it pays to discover

rewards that you can get from this discover quests are :
Discover Tree, Discover Restaurant, Discover Penguin
Husky Sled, Polar Tent, Giraffe

requirements for discover goals + quest item links :

part 1: yeti’s adventure begins mission
Get 3 ice picks link
Harvest 100 Strawberries
Harvest 2 Sheep

part 2: yeti goes sledding into town mission
Get 3 Husky Treats link
Harvest 1 It pays to Discover Tree
Harvest 100 Peppermint

part 3: great gifts for yeti’s friends mission
Get 3 Gift bags link
Harvest 100 Pumpkins
Buy 1 Discover Restaurant

part 4: chilling tales mission
Get 3 Compasses link
Harvest 100 Vegggetables
Harvest 1 Pet Run Habitat

part 5: snow flake mission
Get 3 Pocket Knives link
Harvest 100 Grains
Harvest 1 Livestock Pen

part 6: where’s pierre mission
Get 3 Radios link
Harvest 100 Flowers
Harvest 1 Aviary

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  • Laetitia

    Thanks again, for your help always.

    Do you know when all of us are gonna be allowed to go to Winter Wonderland? I cannot access it as yet??

    • admin

      no official announcement yet, but i guess it will be next friday judging by 3 series of goals waiting to be done before new years 😛