Farmville You Like Da Juice Quest Juicy Joe

By | September 14, 2012

Get juiced with juicy joe in farmville you like da juice quest !
mission rewards :
Blueberry Boar, Mystery Game Dart, Juicy Apple Tree, Juicy Pear Tree, Pack of Turbos, Kiwi Kiwi, Book of XP, Apple Juice Cow, Orange Juice Horse

here are the goals walkthrough :

goal 1: You Like Da Juice Quest
Get 6 Juice Siphons
Harvest 50 Blueberry
Harvest the Swimming Pond Twice

goal 2: Farmville Press On Quest
Get 7 Juice Presses
Harvest 75 Aloe Vera
Harvest the Blueberry Boar Twice

goal 3: Farmville Juicing is Fun(nel) Quest
Get 8 Juice Funnels
Harvest 100 Daffodil
Craft a Fertilize All

goal 4: Farmville Strains are Strenuous Quest
Get 9 Juice Strainers
Harvest 125 Lily
Craft a Farmhand

goal 5: Farmville Sweeten the Deal Quest
Get 9 Sugar Bowls
Harvest 150 Peppermint
Master Blueberry Boar to 1 Star

goal 6: Farmville Bottled Up Quest
Get 9 Juice Bottles
Harvest 150 Golden Poppy
Craft an Arborist

goal 7: Farmville Slap a Label on It Quest
Get 10 Juice Labels
Harvest 150 Chickpea
Harvest Kiwi Kiwi Twice

goal 8: Farmville You CAN Take It With You Quest
Get 11 Juice Pouches
Harvest 150 Cucumber
Craft a Watering Can

goal 9: Farmville The Last Straw Quest
Get 12 Juice Straws
Harvest 200 Pink Roses
Master Kiwi Kiwi to 1 Star

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