By | December 4, 2009

New Exclusive gift 🙂 if you already see barrel of grapes on the previous exclusive gift, now there’s a Barrel of Apples for the new gift.

Blue Bike and Barrel of Apples for the new exclusive gift.

i already told you how to send gift exclusive before, but if you still don’t know how you can use this link :

and you won’t see any Exclusive written on the gift 😀

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  • Jerri Lynn Pounds

    I should have several Poinsettias in my flower cart after harvesting an entire crop of them. Where are they?

  • mirianne

    gift exclusif

  • HABÄ° Exclusive

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  • wtf

    how to get the exclusive..???

  • brayan

    como consigo gifts de farmville exclusive

  • aseem

    please open the fancy topiary,flax leaves,long log,shaamork flag,pink gerrenry,sunflower in busket,wodden picket fence,fig tree,grapefruit tree,guava tree,passion fruit tre plz…. 🙂

  • Patricia M. Jelinek

    Yesterday I was not able to use any of the lower three icons. Gifts, Market or Ribbons, Also can’t get messages on others farms or fertitlize crops for them. I also cannot read messages from farm neighbors. Help. I need my gifts to finish my Maison before time runs out.

  • mirjam

    please can we get a Suriname flag?