Fifa 14 Fix Error Code

By | October 8, 2013

Already have the last installments of this EA sports game series but you can’t play it because some problems ? then feel free to see the following fifa 14 fix error code below 🙂
here are some common error code that you might see when installing fifa 14 :

Error code 80010514 on Fifa 14
I just got Fifa 14 Disc, when I inserted the disk it prompted the 1.01 version update so I downloaded and installed the update, then I received 80010514 error.
I deleted the 1.01 version update and I can use the game, but not online cause its not updated to the latest version.
I downloaded the 1.01 version again and the same error came up.

how to fix fifa 14 error code 80010514
That error code usually means that there is either something wrong with the disc or the PS3’s blu-ray drive.
But as it works fine if you skip the update it could be a problem with your HDD. There are people who fixed it by either taking out the HDD & putting it back in or replacing their HDD.


Error 80029564 on Fifa 14
I purchased Fifa 14 on Friday, downloaded it and then went to install it, it was working until it reached 14% percent where it said error code 80029564 and a possible cause of corrupted data. I tried rebuild database and file system but nothing worked.

how to fix fifa 14 error code 80029564
This error is caused by your ISP using a method to speed up your download speed which results in corrupt downloads.
Your PS3 is not faulty so dont bother messing about with it.
You can either wait for new router firmware, change ISP or just take your PS3 to a friends house to download games and updates.
If your a virginmedia customer who is effected by this i can tell you their recent R36 firware update caused a lot of customers to experience this fault and i’ve been assured a new update is due anyday now that fixes this but you may get slower download speeds, make sure they deduct £20 off your bill for the inconvenience.

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