Final Fantasy Dissidia PSP Wallpaper Themes

By | August 27, 2009

Yay the new final fantasy dissidia usa version is out 😀 and i found some final fantasy dissidia psp wallpaper themes for you 😀
You know this game was out on December 2008 in japan version, and many people search for final fantasy dissidia translation that time. And i found the best dissidia translation + dissidia strategy guide you can look at here : Final Fantasy Dissidia Guide.
You can find FF dissidia guide there, like how to play dissidia final fantasy,how to get the skills in dissidia, easy way to get rosseta stones dissidia, dissidia skills list, dissidia pp catalog, list of dissidia characters, final fantasy dissidia accessories, final fantasy dissidia skills and final fantasy dissidia summon list 😀 Hope this help you all

So here’s the Final Fantasy Dissidia PSP Wallpaper Themes :

Final Fantasy I

Warrior of Light X Garland

Final Fantasy II

Frioniel X The Emperor

Final Fantasy III

Onion Knight X Cloud of Darkness

Final Fantasy IV

Cecil Harvey X Golbez

Final Fantasy V

Butz Klauser X Exdeath

Final Fantasy VI

Tina Bradford X Kefka Palazzo

Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife X Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VIII

Squall Leonhart X Ultimecia

Final Fantasy IX

Zidane X Tribal Kuja

Final Fantasy X

Tidus X Jecht

Final Fantasy Dissidia

Chaos X Cosmos

Too bad they dubbing the character voices too 🙁 because i prefer they leave the japan voices with the english sub below them. I hope somebody will make final fantasy dissidia english patch like Final Fantasy Crisis Core

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  • lrac

    WOW!it’s really helpful!! tenks a lot

  • Andrew135

    um… this is helpful and all, but where is onion knight and cloud of darkness? im sorta looking for the whole collection,so please get it soon.