Fish Isle Cheats

By | November 22, 2009

Fish Isle Cheats. A new fish game on facebook, fish isle.

Well i found some cheats for fish isle first, so for the fish isle tips and tricks. i will make one later okay 🙂

Some cheats that works in fish isle :
– speed hack speedy fish
– Jolly Traveler Medal cheat

Some programs that you’ll need for Fish Isle cheats :
Cheat Engine 5.5
Adobe Flash Player 9 or 10

Fish Isle Speed Hack – Speed Fishing

Speed hack can increase the plotting and harvesting time for your fishes.
1. Open your Fish Isle
2. Open your cheat engine for process list and choose your browser (Firefox).
3. On the right hand side of the Cheat engine simply check on Speed hack
4. Enter your desired speed. Do not increase your speed above 10 as it will encounter timeout / disconnected. So i prefer speed “5”
Done 🙂

Fish Isle Jolly Traveler Medal Cheat

Visit and revisit any friends in Isle game to clock your visitor points. The Glitch is that you will be able to revisit same friends just keep revisit to clock the desired amount to gain the exp as well as the coins.

And maybe you can use this mouse recorder, record clicks on 1 friends and let it run so you’ll have autoclick. You will easily get the highest Jolly Traveller Green Medal 😀

For Jolly Traveler green medal you will rewarded 1500 coins and 80 xp

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  • natasha

    how do you get shells on fish isle?

  • Suyog

    I’ve done it over 6 months ago…..HEHEHAHHA

  • jenny

    how do i unlock the expanssion in fish isle and also like natasha how to get shells? =D

  • Mar

    Please I do not understand this trick prune it to put in Spanish, thank you very much

  • palatut isle is good!

  • carlo

    the fish isle is good