Fish Isle Guide Tips How To Play

By | November 24, 2009

Fish Isle Guide Guide Tips How To Play. Fish Isle is still fresh new and i think many people will play this facebook game, because this game is like Farmville on the sea 😛

And i know that many Farmville fan out there. So if you want to know how to play Fish Isle all you need to do is read this Fish Isle guide and some Fish Isle Tips

Here’s a screen layout when you play Fish Isle

Coins :
– you can buy items & fish with coins

Cash :
– you can buy some cash items with this, just look at the logo cash for the items 🙂
– you’ll earn cash every time you level up

Level : this tell on what levels you’re now
Title : your level title, on each level you’ll have a different title
Multi Tool
with multi tool you can release eggs, harvest fish and clean net automatically

Cast Net : you can use this to put net for fish
Delete : use this tool to remove anything
Create Island : use this tool to create an island
Store : list of items that you can purchase with coins and cash

Storage & Gift : where you keep your items & gift
Medals : list of medals that you can get

How to Play Fish Isle
the gameplay is based on 3 steps : Releasing – Harvesting – Cleaning
Let’s try 🙂
first with cast net tool make a net on the sea
and then click to release eggs – now you can pick a fish in the store

as you can see, each fish have a different harvest time 🙂 so choose the best fish

If the fish is already grown and ready to harvest
click the fish to harvest and you’ll earn some coins and XP

after we harvest the net became dirty, to reuse you can click to clean 😀
for cleaning it will cost you -15 coins + 2 XP

But remember that if you leave the fish that ready to harvest for a long time the fish will escaped 😛
the escaped fish will make the fish net ripped, and you must clean it to re-use.

And also you can use multi tool for ‘auto’ as long you have the fish net ready

you can get a free coins daily raffle

Every time you level up you’ll earn 1 cash and also unlocked items in store 🙂

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