Fish Isle Tips And Tricks

By | November 24, 2009

Fish Isle Tips And Tricks. If you already know Fish Isle game on facebook and see the fish isle guide tips, now it’s time for fish isle tips and tricks 🙂


Can i trapped my fisherman to release eggs, harvest fish, and clean net faster ?
Yes you can, just like fast serving in cafe world and in farmville trap farmer with hay bales ,etc. You can trap your fisherman in fish isle.

how to trapped fisherman in Fish Isle ?
here’s the tricks :
First make sure your fisherman is on the the middle where there’s nothing around the fisherman.

With create island tool, build some island around your fisherman

purchase some decorations from store, like bushes and make the fisherman surrounded by bushes around the island

Now try to release eggs, harvest fish, and clean net 😛 you should see how fast it would be

How do I make money in Fish Isle ?
– Every new day you’ll earn some free money for daily raffle 🙂
– You make money by release eggs, harvest mature fish, and clean net.
– You make money when you visit your neightbors by helping them solving some problems like great white shark, pelicans and garbage / trash.

How do i make fish isle cash ?
you’ll earn 1 fish isle cash every time you level up

If you have some tips and tricks for Fish Isle please share with us 🙂

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  • Dubi

    hi, just wanted to ask if you have any information regarding the highest level on fish isle. what i did was erase all my lands and maximize my fisheries for easy exp and coins. just wanted to have an idea of when i can stop this fast leveling so i can decorate my lands and waters already ^_^

    • admin

      hahaha i did the same way like you, but unfortunately i haven’t know the highest level yet 🙁
      If i have some information, i’ll updated it okay 😀


    what is the last level of fish isle?

  • kim

    How can I stop fish isle from automatically posting evertyhing on my facebook page?

  • bunipasyu da heru

    the highest level is level 70

  • DustinE

    Here’s a good tip……..If u want to level up early erase all land maximize your fisheries then release some Hammerhead Shark(31) if you want 2 have money release some Tunas(28) it has 6 exp……. and later in the game when your at the highest level expand it up 2 23×23 maximize your fisheries the remaining land will b the land where u design.easier because you’ll have so much money……ENJOY!!!

  • jd

    Do you have a good tip on why Fish Isle stop on level 50, level up 20000 + exp. – 3 x still on level 50 ?