FishVille Tips And Tricks

By | November 13, 2009

FishVille Tips And Tricks. Here are some tips and tricks for fishville that developed by zynga on facebook 🙂 You can see the basic guide tips how to play fishville in my previous post.


Lets start with the Fish Information so you’ll know when the best time to sell them to get big money / coins 🙂

Stages Overview

Egg – couple second “ooh I bought a fish” stage

Baby – can’t sell your fish (not that you’d want to waste your investment ), some fish you can tell how hungry they are simply by noting their belly “size”

Junior – from egg to this point is the time interval stated in the store, fish sells at price stated in store, and fish becomes larger. This stage has a couple levels (4) with each taking the same time as it took to get to Junior. Each level in the junior stage increases displayed size, coins earned on selling, experience (xp) earned upon selling, and how long a fish can go without food.

Adult – From last junior level to this stage is same interval as before. Additionally, time that fish can go without food gets increased by a day. Ie. Sardines can go hours without food.

When the adult point is reached, the growth meter will still continue to rise, but lv 4 is the last increase in coins/xp received for selling. This may change in the future, but level 4 is apparently the best payout point for now.

Feeding and Death
Newly hatched fish start out hungry, needing to be fed within a time limit that is half their growth interval. From the point of zero hunger, you have at least twice the growth interval to feed the fish. As long as you keep your fish fed, they will not die. When the fish gets hungry enough (with one growth interval left to feed) it will show a yellow bubble with the food container pictured.
As hunger gets more critical, the bubble will get a red background, then blink. If you do not immediately feed at the blinking point, you’ll get a dead fish. It turns gray, bottoms up, and floats near the top of the tank. On the bright side, if you click it with the multi tool, you get 1xp for clearing away the dead body.

The selling points/levels are listed as junior 1-3 and adult 4 to match both the expressed level and level title when a fish can be sold for that amount of coins and experience (xp). A fish at the second selling level, will be at Junior 2 and a fish at the fourth selling level will be Adult 4

Some questions that you might still asked after read the tips :

how long does a fish takes to die ? fish death time ?
Basically it is double the growth interval (e.g. 5 minute fish needs to be fed every 10 minutes). However, newly-grown fishies need to be fed in half the time interval.

so when its counting down till time to feed and it reaches zero are the fish dead?
I experimented with some of the 5 minute fish and the countdown is to when it’s critical to feed the fish (when the bubble turns red and the status says “Feed Now!“). Growth of the fish also stops at that point.
The fish get hungry before the countdown is up (the yellow bubble) and it seems to be reset anytime they get fed, which I’m finding I can do anytime, not just when they’re hungry.

Best fish on fishville and level
Which fish gives the best xp? And with what age / level?
It all depends on time.
– If you’re just going to sit at your computer then the Mini Dart Gobi is the best. Goby age 1 is best because you get +2xp whenever you rebuy them.
– if you’re not gonna be around, Hawaiian Hogfish is best for low levels

Do the experience and coin rates continue to grow after level / age 4 ?
Nope. They stop at age 4.

how do you earn / get XP in fishville ?
– buying eggs
– selling fish
– cleaning up dead fish
– cleaning smudges on your tank
– helping neighbours
– buying decorations

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  • tom

    does the age change past age 4 ?

  • pinoyghost

    yup, after adult (age 4) it grows to the next age (5, 5.. etc). my red spot cardinal is adult age 6… but the sell value and xp value stops at adult age 4 value…

  • jamie

    Each time your fish reach a diffrent age , does the XP double each time ?
    And the money xxx

  • Pulcher

    How do you delete an Island that you made?

  • fff

    It gets more money even after age 4.

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  • akki

    i wanna know..
    my fish is on level 11th….how do i get a whale

  • fff

    Theres more fish! I hit lvl 19 and unlocked a bunch more! theres a golden puffer fish, a klunzinger wrasse, and a few other, wheres the times and xp for these??

  • pradeep

    how to gain sand dollars in d game i m at level 19 but still i dint got a single sand dollar

  • kautschuk

    u get sand dollars by

    -buying them with real money (really expensive !)

    -receiving mystery boxes from ur friends (u need alot of luck though)

    -getting diamond awards (one sand dollar each)

    did i forget anything ?

  • Aku

    Can a fish die from old age? I’d like to buy some fish to keep permanently, but I’m worried if I keep them too long they might pass away. Is that possible?

  • Soap

    i had a mini dart goby and its age got to 33 but then i sold it…
    so i guess that they can live to age 33+

  • blabla

    The fishes can lvl till 99

    You can also get sand$ by opening treasures and selling antiques, which you can receive from friends.

    The exp and money you can earn by selling a fish is at lvl 4 max.

    You can’t delete a tank when you have bought one.

    My question: what is the best fish you can have for exp if ur not sitting 24 hours a day behind ur pc?

  • vathas

    well It would depend on what lvl you are and how much time you have to devote to your fish.
    if you have a routine schedule that allows you to visit your fish once a day, then a fish with the highest level requirement and a growth time of one day would be the best for you. the same would apply if you went on vacation or had a different schedule.

  • Amber

    I’m at level 20 and i’d like to know what fish would be best too buy to gain more XP, i don’t care about time. Also, i don’t have many sand dollars. Thankyou!♥


  • bob

    is yahoo going 2 get better like facebook of is it allways goin 2 be this way im a livel 23 and im geetin bord

  • Bigal20

    I have a Longnose Hawkfish that is level 36!:P