FishVille Tips Guide How To Play

By | November 8, 2009

FishVille Tips Guide How To Play. You can load the fishville white screen already ? Congratulations, now here’s some tips and guide for how to play fishville from zynga on your facebook.


Okay lets start 🙂

Welcome to Fishville 🙂 Click to assemble your first tank 😀

You’ll be fill the fish tank with :
– some water
– salt ??
– treasure 😛 for decoration of course
– sea plants
– and finally.. a fish

Okay now there’s already steps that you must follow, first guide 🙂
hey.. but look.. your aquarium looks so dirty… so mossy 🙁
but ?? i thought we just fill in ?? 😛
okay before you follow the first step let me tell you something about the things that you have in you fish tank
there’re dead fish and moss

to clean up the moss just hover it with your mouse cursor and you’ll see a sponge bob there, oh no i mean sponge only 😀
click to clean and you’ll get +5 coins and +1 exp.

and for dead fish hover it with net and click to remove, you’ll earn some xp and coins too.

okay almost clean.. but if you read the instruction

Step 1 of 3
Netting Fish
In FishVille, you raise and sell fish for Coins and Experience, and decorate your tanks!
Click on the Sell Tool, then click a Junior fish to sell it.

i don’t see any fish… is it just me ? well just refresh the fishville application and tadah..

Clean Fish tank with some fish 🙂

now try to catch a junior fish 🙂 you should get some exp and coins.
how to know which one junior fish ? simple, just hover a fish.

okay now we go to the next step.
Step 2 of 3
Buying Eggs
Click on the Store

and buy a Baby fish

then click twice in the tank to drop two Eggs.

Babies need to Grow before you can sell them. These Gobi’s will grow in 5 minutes!

Step 3 of 3
Feeding Fish
your fish are telling you they are Hungry! use the Feed Tool to feed them.
As fish Grow they become hungry again, and will Die if not fed. Don’t let them die!

If you click the love on the bottom left, you will Give Fish Love.
And you’ll earn 10 coins for showing your fish some love 🙂

Also you can earn more Coins and Experience by helping out on neighboring tanks, but you need neighbors first!

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  • FishGuy

    That isn’t moss…’s algae. durrrrrr

  • Gargi

    I can not view my neighbor’s fish tank ..please help..i can only view a limited.