Fix Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Black Screen Crashes Freezes

By | September 25, 2013

Having some trouble with this game and wonder how to fix amnesia a machine for pigs black screen, crashes and freezes error ? then try some guide steps below and see if the problems description match with your glitch 🙂
A lot of player having black screen issue where the screen goes black on game launch and computer freezes with the sounds of the game running

What i did now was resetting my whole thing on my PC, and installed the NVIDIA Experience App, and now it doesn’t seem to be a problem to get the newest software from NVIDIA through the NVIDIA experience application, so lets hope it solved the problem!

If you can’t go fullscreen, then your monitor probably does not support the resolution you have chosen to use as fullscreen. Choose some other resolution and then try again. If it still does not work, check Problem A8 and make sure your DPI size is set to 100%.
Make sure that your display supports the resolution you set at the launcher and that your desktop color depth is set to 32-bit.

how to fix amnesia a machine for pigs crash at start error :
1. Make sure that you have updated graphics card drivers
2. Install latest update, for people who have bought from Steam, use Steam to update the game!
3. Reset settings and reboot
4. Sometimes the game might crash because of bad file permissions. To fix this, run as Administrator (Windows Vista, 7 & 8) or set so Amnesia executable has write permission on the install directory.
5. Remove Background program interferences like :
ATI Tray Tools, Avast, Camtasia Studio, Comodo, f.lux, Open Broadcasting Software, Origin Overlay, Sandbox, Steam Overlay, Synergy, Teamspeak Overlay, ThreatFire
can make the game crash at startup or even randomly. If you have tried all of the above, then it might be worth closing any AntiVirus/Firewalls as well.

how to fix amnesia a machine for pigs no sound device found error :
If no sound device is found, make sure to shut down any music application or similar running and try again. If this fails, try running “aamfp.exe” directly from the install directory.

amnesia a machine for pigs slow / freezes for a second error :
When i go to new room, game freeze for about 1 second. The same is when voices of children or other appears.
when you enter new room, it loads that room’s environments, so it can freeze !
1. Make sure that you have updated your graphic card to the latest version.
2. Install latest update
3. Disable performance demanding features like SSAO Quality, SSAO Samples, Edge smoothing, World reflection, Shadow Quality, SSAO on/off, Shadow Resolution

Fix Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Black Screen and freeze at intro logos
If the screen is cropped and edges are not visible, then make sure your graphics card drivers are updated and make sure your DPI is set to 100%.


black screen / upside-down graphics
1. Make sure that you have updated graphics card drivers
2. Turn off post effects by going to Options->Graphics->Advanced
3. Reset settings and reboot
4. Install latest update

fix amnesia a machine for pigs vSync that makes the game crash error :
First of all make sure that you haven’t forced any sort of vSync at your graphics card control panel. At the in-game options, if you have vSync enabled but does not seem to eliminate screen tearing then make sure that Adaptive vSync is disabled and try again.
Sometimes though, vSync does not work properly and can make the game crash. To sidestep this issue, force vSync to be enabled at the graphics card control panel. It might also help to turn off triple buffering as well. However, changing options via the graphics card’s control panel is not advised since it may cause slow performance and stuttering issues.

fix amnesia a machine for pigs crashes / freezes during gameplay
This crash would happen during loading of new map. Make sure Amnesia has full disk read/write permission in the directory it is installed, and try these settings :
– Turn off post effects
– Turn off SSAO
– Install latest update
– Users of Intel HD graphics cards must have the latest Intel drivers installed and lower the settings