Fix Dead Island No Sound Audio and Mouse Sensitivity

By | October 17, 2011

Do you have problems with dead island no sound and other audio issues, like sounds wich suddenly came out of nowhere? or you can’t hear hitting sounds anymore when your weapon hits a zombie or anything else (only hear them moan)

just to make sure, check on your speakers or headphones if it got any problem because hardware can have issues too

now if you sure it’s the game problem, now here’s how to fix dead island no sound problems :
– Click Windows Start bar, go to Run > type in “DXDIAG” > click the Sound tab
Under the “DirectX Features” area drag the Hardware Sound Acceleration level from Full Acceleration to NO Acceleration!

– You can also go to My Computer > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices. Now click the Advanced button under Speaker settings and go to the Performance tab.
Drag the Hardware acceleration ticker from FULL to NONE. Try this for the Sample Rate Conversion Quality too — sliding it from the Best setting to Good

another sound issues is on Crackling / Static Audio Noise
to fix this goto the directory:
Open: “Audio.scr” with a text editor and Change:

for dead island mouse sensitivity fix you can try :
– Disable Steam Overlay. This solves the problem, but is by no means a fix.
– Change your resolution
– Adjust the mouse sensitivity through the in-game options
– Change Field of Vision :
1. Extract Data0.pak located in the game directory with a ZIP program

2. locate: Data0.pak/Data/Skills/default_levels.xml

3. Copy file to My DocumentsDeadIslandoutDataSkills
create the folder if you don’t have it.

4. Change the following settings to a lower number in a txt editor

5. Save changes

Also another problem that my friends have is no menu text on dead island main menu
Have no text showing for your Dead Island menu? The fix may be so simple that you’ll laugh in frustration. Change your Regional Settings and/or System Locale to what you use. For example, English (United States). Easy fix for a big problem, huh

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