Fix Destiny Error Code Centipede Crash

By | September 10, 2014

Getting centipede error ? then follow these steps how to fix destiny centipede crash !
if you’re getting this error, then you will see this screen :
Your connection to destiny servers has been lost. Please check your network configuration and try again.
For information on resolving this issue visit and search for error code: centipede


you can visit the official help on bungie :
but if it doesn’t work, try these solutions :

Possible Fix for College Error Code Centipede by KamikazePanda25
Try setting up a Wifi hotspot from your pc/laptop by using Hotspot Shield and Connectify.
First download, install, and run Hotspot Shield. Then download, install, and run Connectify (there may be an error message about turning off internet connection but just ignore it). Have both programs running. Hotspot should say “protected” and Connectify should have and option to select “internet to share”.
Pick the option “anchorfree hss vpn adapter” which will connect you to Hotspot. Then go to your console and either type in or select the “connectify-me” option. Enter the password given on Connectify.
This should connect you to the hotspot and your Xbox/PS4 should appear under clients. The connection may be a bit spotty (I have to make sure my laptop doesn’t sleep) but you can restart the hotspot if the connection drops. Hopefully this works for you as well and you can enjoy the game.

Just note that this may run afoul of your university’s policy for using their internet, which could result in loss of service. For example, my college’s IT FAQ states “You MAY NOT install a wireless access point. Only access points installed by the Division of Information Technology are permitted in residential buildings.” So just check before you try it!

Also as a side note, this only works if:
1) You don’t get caught for possibly breaking your Uni’s ToS
2) You have a 360 with wireless capabilities. If you have an older fat 360 (like myself) you are screwed.