Fix Destiny Error Code Chicken

By | September 11, 2014

Having problem with error code chicken issue on destiny ? well finally someone solve the problem 🙂 follow the solution how to fix destiny error code chicken below!
here are the screen of chicken error :
Your connection to Destiny character servers has been lost. Please check you network configuration and try again.
For information on resolving this issue visit and search for error code: chicken

“I keep getting Error Code Chicken when I try to log in. I purchased the digital limited edition for PS4 and was able to download everything just fine but now I can’t seem to log in. My NAT type is 2 and every other game I try works fine.” – Lmaster20


solution how to fix cattle error on destiny :
Success! After hitting my head against the wall for a while I was able to get it to work by connecting to a hotspot generated by my laptop using Hotspot Shield and Connectify. The problem seems to be my college blocking some ports Destiny needed, so by using HS to create a VPN and Connectify to spread that VPN to my PS4 I can get around it. So far everything is working fine – NAT shows up as type 3 but I can still do party chat and whatnot.

So just download and install Hotspot Shield and Connectify. Do HSS first and ignore the error message that Connectify throws up when you install it. Boot up HSS, turn on the VPN and then boot up Connectify. Tell Connectify to share the new network created by HSS and connect to the resulting shared wifi network created by Connectify on your PS3.

Both programs have paid and free versions, the free versions are more than enough for this

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